Dukiss & Alan



Dukiss & Alan is a comic series centered around the characters of Dukiss and his best friend, Alan.

Dukiss & Alan is a surrealist comedy that has an art style that’s reminiscent of cartoons from the 1920s and 30s. Inspired by Fleischer cartoons and Latin American comics, this series sought to bring a flavor of the past to the present day. This series is a silly, fun-loving tale that’s meant for a general audience.


Dukiss is from a privileged background. His father is a wealthy businessman, and his mother’s family comes from money.

Alan is from a working-class background. His father works with his hands and his mother is a caretaker for the elderly — this leaves her with little time to take care of Alan.

The Alabama Scamma is a professional crook, although not a very good one. He was involved in a major heist of a former emperor’s ancient treasure, but his brother was the leader of that crew.

Emperor Manicus is a former Roman Emperor. He is a largely forgotten emperor because of his lack of accomplishments. He did like to party though…

Wishy The Fairy is a magical fairy that can grant wishes, and depending upon how altruistic the wish is, the power of the wish gets magnified. She has hundreds of identical twin sisters who all possess the same powers as she does.

Doug The Donut has known Dukiss for a while, but he’s never cared much for him.


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