Cosmo And Gorvak

Cosmo And Gorvak


Cosmo And Gorvak is a series centered around a so-so inventor, and his robot friend/employee who are from the year 4048. Due to an accident, they end up back in time in Santa Monica, CA in the year 2024.

Each episode, they come up with a plan or scheme that they hope will send them back to their own time.



Cosmo is an eccentric inventor from the year 4048. He built Cosmo a handful of years before the story starts. He might be short with Gorvak on occasion, but it’s only because of the problems that Gorvak causes for him. In his heart, he deeply cares about Gorvak, and he wants to get back to his own time.

Gorvak is a goofy robot that acts as part friend/assistant/foil for Cosmo. He means well, but he regularly messes up Cosmo’s plans.


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Created by Tyler Connor and Allusion One
Cosmo: Brian Kiley
Gorvak: IntroSpecktive
Edna: Allison Schlicher
Written by Brian Kiley
Video and character designs by Arkflinn
Audio design and theme by Oliver Roveda